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Community Background

Rosemary is a pleasant country community with a population of nearly 400 people. We are located on Secondary Road #550 fourteen kilometres (eight miles) west of Duchess, the nearest town, or a twenty minute drive to Brooks, the nearest large centre. We have a general store, post office, bakery and coffee shop, community centre, skating arena, and repair shop. Our community is steadily growing with a new housing area on the south side and a considerable number of lots soon to be available on the north side. Our school houses Kindergarten to Grade 12 and has a population (2020-2021) of 150 students and 19 teaching and support staff. We offer a well-rounded educational program to students which includes a strong focus on academics. Our facility includes the Rosemary Community Library which gives our students access to a large amount of reading and resource materials. We are proud of our sports program and all students who want to participate have the opportunity to do so. We have an elementary and secondary choir program with students participating in several festivals throughout the year.

Attendance at our School Council indicates a highly supportive parent group with a dynamic impact on school programs and functions. The playground off of our elementary wing is a result of parent efforts and support. We have a strong school community and promote a safe and caring environment for our students. Rosemary School is part of Grasslands Regional Division #6. The division covers an area of over 2,500 square miles with the town of Brooks at its center. Farming and ranching form a large part of the division's economic base due to the influence of irrigation. The oil and gas industry forms the second major economic influence in the area.

About Rosemary School

Belief Statement

We cultivate sincere relationships within a safe and welcoming environment. We foster responsibility by building empathy, encouraging ownership and actively participating. We promote constructive risk-taking for learning and growth.


Responsible Learners and Citizens


Promoting a positive learning environment in a caring and safe community

A Brief History of Rosemary and Area

The settlement of Rosemary and the surrounding area began during the 1910s. The first settlers arrived in 1913. In 1915, several families came by immigrant train from Colorado and other western American states. Next came French families from Quebec and the eastern United States between 1917 and 1919. From 1919 and into the early 1920s, another influx of settlers came from the United States. The late 1920s and early 1930s saw many young Mennonite families settling on vacated farms left by the French. There was also an influx of many young Mormon families from Southern Alberta in the early 1940s. The presence of both groups remains strong in the Rosemary area to this day. The 1940s also saw the arrival of several Japanese Canadians from the Canadian West Coast - a result of the federal government's Internment policy of the Second World War. Rosemary itself was not incorporated as a village until the fall of 1951. It remains a village of nearly 400 people today.