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Grasslands Featured Artist

Grasslands Featured Artist

Trey is a grade 5 student from Uplands Elementary who possess natural artistic ability. He was nominated by his teacher, Miss Van Herk, “because of his love for art that resonates with anyone who observes his work. Trey goes above and beyond when completing works of art. Trey has the creativity ability to use his imagination to create masterpieces.”

Mostly self-taught, Trey first discovered his aptitude for art in the first grade. His preferred medium is pencil, although he enjoys experimenting with others such as: watercolors, pastels, colored pencils, etc. Much of his art is inspired by nature, birds and animals, and other artists.  He enjoys re-creating images he sees and constructing original designs.

When creating art in the classroom, Trey easily becomes a source of inspiration to those around him.  He has even taught his class an art project! Trey finds that he never gets bored when he is making art. It is a fun activity for him, where he can create decorative pieces for others to enjoy. Trey plans to continue to pursue art as a hobby in the future, and has even considered the possibility of teaching art.

Artist’s Quote: “Everybody can make an amazing piece of art if you keep trying and stick with it. Never give up.”

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