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Mrs. Virovec

Welcome to the fascinating world of English...and Art, and Spanish!

Writing in English 

One of the key skills that a student needs to master is that of writing clearly andconcisely. Although English Language Arts consist of six strands of language learning (reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing and representing), reading and writing are the two strands that receive the heaviest focus in High School English.

Grasslands Division #6 is focusing on assessing student writing in such a way that teaches students how to write better, and thus all Sr. High English teachers will be attending several workshops with a well-known writing instructor in October and December.

A fabulous article on effective writing was recently shared with me. It is authored by famed writer Geoge Orwell in 1946, but continues to speak clearly as to what effectivewriting looks like.


I found an incredible site for aspiring artists...DragoArt has drawing tutorials for practically anything you wish to draw.